More than 300 people volunteer for us each year to make a positive difference in the lives of hundreds of school children. Find out how to become a volunteer or a partner organization.


Our volunteers often reflect on how they experience personal growth by participating in an outreach event, packing in the pantry, or donating food. Discover how to grow in your life.

The problem ...

hunger in loudoun county 

-  25% of Loudoun County residents have incomes that qualify them for SNAP.

-  The average cost of a meal in Loudoun County is $3.05.  The "Meal Gap" in Loudoun is $8,428,110.

-  $8,428,110 is 0.06% of the total income in Loudoun County.

-  For about $7/month per Loudoun County household, we can close Loudoun's "Meal Gap."

-  12,000 Loudoun County school-age children (1 in 15) qualify for free or reduced price lunch.

-  1 in 6 children in Loudoun County are considered food insecure.  

our solution ...

backpack buddies program

-  The Backpack Buddies Program provides weekend, summer, and holiday meal packs to 320  

​    Loudoun County students receiving free or reduced-price school lunches.

-  We have partnered with three local schools ... Countryside Elementary, Meadowland Elementary  

   and Seneca Ridge Middle Schools.

What is a meal pack?

Each meal pack consists of : 

-  Two Breakfasts

-  Two Lunches

-  Two Dinners

-  Two to Three Snacks

-  Two Milks

​-  One Juice

by the numbers ...

what it takes to run the program

-  We currently serve 320 students weekly at our three partner schools.                                       

-  Our volunteers pack and distribute over 12,602 meal packs or 75,612 meals each school year.

-  It takes approximately 47,607 pounds of food to meet the needs of the children we serve each year.

-  It takes over $68,811 a year in food or financial donations to sustain the program for one year.


We conduct numerous community outreach events throughout Loudoun County to provide education and awareness on childhood hunger.  Learn how to get involved and spread the word.  

Provide food insecure students of Loudoun County with healthy meals, nutritional education, and easy access to these resources by partnering with the congregation and community through awareness, education, and engagement.

Program History

  1. 2011 - Galilee United Methodist Church launched the Backpack Buddies Program and partners with Meadowland Elementary School.  Thirty students served.  
  2. 2012-Received the 2012 "Outstanding Volunteer Team" Award from Volunteer Loudoun. Conducted first Loudoun Backpack Buddies Workshop. Numerous Backpack Buddies programs established as a result. Partnered with Catoctin Elementary School. Students served grows to 215.
  3. 2013 -Partnered with Countryside Elementary and Seneca Ridge Middle Schools. Students served grows to 282. Conducted second  Loudoun Backpack Buddies Workshop. 
  4. 2014 -Maintained partnerships with three schools serving 320 students. Key member and advocate in several hunger coalition groups throughout Loudoun County.  

Our MISSION statement